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For Your Engagement Session:

Duration: about 1.5 hours, usually starting 2 hours before sunset for perfect lighting.

Locations: many and varied, including nature, urban, vintage, and homey.We’ll work together to choose the perfect place for you and your shoot.

Attire: two to three outfits with all their accessories and accoutrements. Choose clothing that expresses you and makes you feel wonderful. Your confidence in your favorite outfits will shine through in your images! We’ll also discuss how your wardrobe will fit with your session location ahead of time.

Hair & Makeup: get to know your professionals. The engagement session is a great opportunity to practice working with your hair and makeup artists before your wedding day. Additionally, professional makeup artists know all the tips and tricks for flattering your unique features for portrait photography.

Props: significant items, memorable pieces, or just for fun. Bring something to make your session even more meaningful, personal, or uniquely you. If you both love to read, some colorful vintage books. If you met at the fair, your stuffed animal prize. Feel free to share any fun ideas you have, and we can discuss the best ways to incorporate these little pieces of you.

Atmosphere: happy, fun, and comfortable. This time exists to capture and celebrate the love and joy you have in each other. I work hard to help you to feel at ease in front of the camera.

For Your Wedding Day:

First Look: I strongly recommend to couples that they consider doing a “First Look”. This is a time for the couple to see each other privately, before the ceremony, as bride and groom, taking a few minutes alone to connect and savor the moment before the day begins to fly. This is also when portraits can be done, so you’ll be free to mingle with your guests and enjoy your reception later. For couples who prefer not to see each other before the wedding, portraits will be done immediately following the ceremony.

The Little Things: Be mindful of the surroundings in spaces like your dressing room so the backgrounds of all your photos will be pristine and perfect. For example, I suggest clearing up your dressing room counter and floor about half an hour before we begin the photos of you getting ready. Other little details such as bringing a nice hanger for your wedding dress photos and holding your bouquet near your belly button as you walk down the aisle make a big difference in getting the best images from your day.

Cell Phones: The guests you’ve invited are special to you, and you to them. Consider asking them to be fully present in one of the biggest moments of your life by requesting they turn off their devices for the ceremony. An “unplugged” ceremony also means no text messages or alerts dinging during your vows and keeps the photos I give you from being full of glowing screens and guests leaning into the aisle to get their shots.

Plan for Delays: No matter how precisely we plan, delays do happen. To avoid the stress and anxiety that comes with them, arm yourself with buffer periods throughout the day. For example, it’s particularly helpful to build in an extra hour for your hair and makeup, anticipating unexpected hairspray snafus or eyeliner slips. And if nothing untoward happens, you’ll end up with memorable moments spending time with your closest family and friends on your wedding day.

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